Greeks dating system

Women can and do inherit property equal to that of men, and although the government discourages dowries, much property is still transferred to women from their families upon marriage.

For Greeks, food remains central to daily life, as well as holidays both religious and secular.

Visitors will bring gifts of sweets and liquor to their hosts and hosts will return in kind.

Gatherings will incorporate eating, drinking, music, dancing and lively discussion, though never drunkenness.

Traditionally, Greece was a male-dominated society in which public life was reserved for men and private life and the home was reserved for women.

Women earned the right to vote in 1957, and now are represented prominently in business sectors and at all levels of government.

Of all the world's living cultures, Greece's is among the most ancient.

Living quarters are modest, in city apartments or equally small country houses.

People gather to eat, drink and socialize in coffeehouses and tavernas. Plenty of traditional dishes have become famous the world over thanks to tourism and Greek immigration, including honey-sweetened baklava, and moussaka, a ground meat and eggplant dish.

Lamb, goat and pork are eaten as main dishes, along with salads made of vegetables, olives and feta cheese.

Saints' days are celebrated all around the calendar year, when it is customary to visit and bring gifts to friends who share the name of that particular saint.

A funeral custom is for mourners to eat boiled wheat with sugar and cinnamon. Basil's Day, when Greeks bake a cake called vassilopita, with a coin hidden in it to bring good luck to whoever finds it.

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